St. Thomas Wedding Packages

Effortless St. Thomas Weddings

“I just emailed Island Mike and he handled everything, zero stress from me!”
-Jessie, December 1, 2020 (Hawksnest Beach)

“If you are looking to get married in the Virgin Islands Mike is your guy!”
-Katie, October 12, 2020 (Trunk Bay Beach)

“Michael was fabulous from day one. Everything was taken care of for us…I’m so glad we chose Michael…”
-Tracy + Mark, May 23, 2019 (Coki Beach) 

The Cracked Coconut
For Elopements and Vow Renewals
A Custom Civil or Religious Wedding Ceremony
Choice of Any Wedding Location on St. Thomas (*Site fees not included)
Deliver 2 Certified Copies of Marriage License after Wedding
Bring Your Phone or Camera and I’ll Take Pictures (I’m not a professional photographer but I’ve been around weddings and cameras for a while :))
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The Mango Works
Easiest Wedding Ever
A Custom Civil or Religious Ceremony
Choice of Any Wedding Location on St. Thomas (*Site fees not included)
Deliver 2 Copies of Marriage License after Wedding
Vibrant, Tropical Bouquet & Boutonniere
Professional House Photography – 50 Images
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2 Lazy Palms
Includes Everything You Need
A Custom Civil or Religious Ceremony
Choice of Any Wedding Location on St. Thomas (*Site fees not included)
Deliver 2 Copies of Marriage License after Wedding
Bouquet & Boutonniere
Professional House Photography – 80-100 images
Elegant 2-Post Bamboo Arch with White or Ivory Fabric
Palm Frond and Conch Shell Lined Aisle
Champagne or Sparkling Cider/Juice
Music (Bring your song list or let me be your DJ)
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*If you really want to hire a wedding planner or overpay at a resort, let them know that you’d like “Island Mike” to be your officiant and your planner can take care of all of the details.

**Just because I made these packages as simple as possible, each one of them is fully customizable. If you have a vendor or specific decor you like, I can get you an exact quote. For example, if you want a cake, I’ll forward the size and flavors you like to my favorite baker for a price and then let you know. But in reality, 90% of my couples choose one of the packages above.

Package Details

a beach wedding at lindquist beach in st thomas

An intimate wedding at one of my favorite beaches.

I provide email and phone consultation to help you design the perfect wedding ceremony. My goal is to make the entire process wonderfully easy. My team has been doing this for years and you are in the best of hands.

Beach weddings by definition are casual affairs. So no rehearsal is needed. We are able to discuss any procession questions right there on the beach before the ceremony begins.

Trust me, it will be easy and beautiful!

My team is made up of ordained, Non-Denominational Ministers so we can perform religious wedding ceremonies. We were ordained by Wanderlust Bay Ministries. If you are not looking for a religious ceremony, we’ve got you covered with a beautiful civil ceremony.

I love wedding ceremonies that are personalized and incorporate wording meaningful to you. So whether you decide to add your own wedding vows, a reading/poem or a unity ceremony I’m happy to make your wedding unique and personal.

For vow renewals, I love to learn about the original wedding, your family and marriage. We will include references and mentions from the wedding and anecdotes from your marriage in the ceremony wording. 


You pick the beach on St. Thomas and we’ll perform the ceremony. All the beaches on St. Thomas are public and open for your ceremony any time of day.

Lindquist and Magens Bay on St. Thomas are operated by the park system, and they charge a $250 site fee. The site fee is separate from the wedding packages. You’ll need to bring cash the day of to pay when we enter the park.

There is also an entry fee for guests of $5/person.

Limetree is a “semi-private” beach. There is a small resort sitting on the beach but they limit the type/number of events on the beach. They charge a $100 site fee.

But there are also beautiful free beaches as well. My favorite free beach for weddings is Brewers. 


Transportation is pretty easy here in the islands. If you rent a car or jeep, most of the beach locations are found on Google Maps and you’ll get turn by turn directions.

If you prefer to let someone else do the driving, all the resorts have a taxi stand to get you anywhere you want to go.

Taxi rates charge by the person each way. Most taxi rides run in the $8 – $12 each way. So if you are traveling from the cruise ship to Magens it would be around $16/person to and from the beach.

I also work with several taxi professionals that I can recommend specifically for your wedding day. Call or text anyone of them and let them know where and when to pick you up and you’ll be all set. 🙂
(Sadly there is no Uber or Lyft or similar service on island.)

For St. Thomas: Carol or Omar


You must apply for the marriage license before coming to St. Thomas. The process is super easy and I’ll be happy to help along the way. A step-by-step guide for the marriage license application process is here.

But after you say your vows and are announced as a married couple, one of our ministers will sign off on your marriage license. 2 witnesses will also sign. If it’s just the 2 of you on a beach, we’ll take care of the witnesses – which is to say we’ll find someone at the beach to sign off. 🙂

For the vast majority of my couples, I file the marriage license with the court and obtain 2 copies for you. I mail the certified copies to you within about 30 days.

But if you need the license immediately or quickly because of health insurance, work related considerations, or you just want it in your hand immediately, you can file the license yourself and receive it the same day. Or, you can pay $50 for your certified copies to be expedited and sent to you within 7 days of the wedding. 


Walk down the aisle on your wedding day!

Have your bride walk down a lovely aisle made of giant conch shells and Areca Palm fronds. A simple, elegant and stunning addition to set the stage for your wedding. The florist cuts fresh fronds the morning of your wedding and will arrange them into a lovely aisle.

Obviously this works best for a beach wedding.



One of our local florists designs amazing floral bouquets and boutonnieres for my couples. Just let me know the colors and flowers you like and my florist will “wow” you with her artistic talents.

The included bouquet is a “standard” size bouquet, but you can upgrade to a larger or cascading bouquet. What is standard size you ask? See the picture for an example.

Most floral options are included, but if you require a ‘rare’ or out of season flower, there may be a small additional cost.

If you require additional bouquets or boutonnieres for bridesmaids and groomsmen, let me know and I’ll get you a quote. If your package includes a bamboo arch, a great idea is to add some floral accents for the arch, which I can also get prices for.

Finally, if you are extremely particular about the flowers and floral accents in your bouquet, or if you have any unique requests, I will put you in touch with the florist directly. I have limited talents when it comes to colors/floral design, etc. 🙂 


As a wedding officiant, I try to bring joy, excitement and beauty to everyone of my ceremonies. After the ceremony, my couples like to enjoy intimate and meaningful moments together while celebrating their new marriage.

A simple, yet lovely, way to celebrate is to share a little champagne! The pop of the cork and the refreshing bubbly is a tradition at weddings everywhere. When available, we prefer Cavicchioli Prosecco.

We’ll bring the ice, champagne bucket, champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne for up to 6 guests ($55). If you would prefer you can instead choose either sparkling cider or grape juice ($45). A bottle and up to 6 flutes are included.

Additional bottles are $30 for champagne and $15 for sparkling juice. 


Professional photography on St. Thomas typically starts at $600 per hour or more. With my package you get professional photos from The Mango Works. On the day of your ceremony, the photography begins about 5 minutes before your beach wedding when you arrive at the beach.

Most wedding ceremonies last about 15 minutes. Which leaves plenty of time after the ceremony to get pictures of you (and family/friends) on the beach.  The wedding photos are edited and then uploaded to a private online album. It can take up to 30 days for your wedding photos to be ready.

You will have complete ownership of the images for downloading, printing and sharing!

If you want to really capture the day and some of the more spontaneous and candid moments, add another hour of photos. I also recommend an extra hour if you have a group of more than 10 guests. This will allow enough time to get photos of your guests in addition to couples portraits.

Additional hours are charged at $350 per hour. 


Most of my couples hire me because they want a stress-free and joyous ceremony. And, of course, you don’t plan a destination wedding without dreaming of a gorgeous setting on a beach.

And trust me, the sand, palm trees and blue waters of St. Thomas beaches are as beautiful of a wedding venue as you can imagine.

I’m not a huge fan of outlandish weddings with lots of bells and whistles on the beach. It sort of takes away from the natural beauty of it all. But, I think the prettiest weddings I’ve performed, have included an elegant bamboo arch.

A bamboo arch blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings and provides a timeless accent for your wedding ceremony. The arch is decorated with white or ivory fabric. The arch can also be decorated with floral accents if you like – I can get you pricing from the florist.

If you prefer another type of arch, please share with me what you have in mind and I’ll get a quote from the florist.  

st thomas weddind destination cost
10. Wedding Ceremony Add-Ons

My St. Thomas Wedding Packages are meant to contain just about everything you need for a perfect wedding day. But there are a few items you might want to add on without over complicating your day.

a. Wedding Cake 
Cake! Cake is not included in the packages, but they probably should be!

A 6″ cake serves up to 8 people. If you have a larger group you can upgrade the cake to a larger size or 2-tier cake.

The cake will be delivered fresh and chilled right to us on the beach.

Now it should be noted that the unofficial drink of the islands is Caribbean Rum. (Nothing exemplifies a tropical getaway than sitting on a chair at the edge of the surf with a frozen rum drink.)

And with rum ever present in the islands, it would make sense for the locals to come up with fun new ways to include rum in their diet.

So how about a pina colada cake with rum frosting! I mean why would you not want rum in your wedding cake? Want my opinion of the most amazing cake ever?

Tres Leches with Mango filling – the baker soaks the cake in dark rum! Seriously, if you order tres leches I will not by shy about eating your wedding cake. Ok, maybe you’re a traditionalist. So go with something like chocolate or vanilla. Just make sure to bring the milk so I can have some!

(I can have the florist deliver a cake table, table cloth, cake stand, cutlery, forks, plates and napkins to the beach.  She charges a $75 rental fee.)

Begin your cake journey by clicking here:

b. Wedding Videography: $700
Wedding videography captures, in high-definition, the feel and beauty of your special day.

If you are eloping and have family/friends back home that weren’t invited or couldn’t make it, this is a great way to share the day with everyone.

c. Bottomless Rum Punch: $165
Put your minister in the proper frame of mind by having rum punch on the beach.

And it’s great for your guests to enjoy as well.

The bottomless rum punch means you and your guests will have an hour to get as comfortably numb as you like…but please wait until after the ceremony to drink that 3rd or 4th cup. 

d. Live Wedding Music: $325+
Set the mood for your wedding with music. Live musicians are available at hourly rates.

Steel Pan Player: $325 for St. Thomas/$350 for St. John

Guitarist or Violinist: $350 for St. Thomas/$395 for St. John

Bluetooth Speaker: $35

I have gone through dozens of “beach speakers” claiming durability and the ability to deliver great sound. I have settled on one speaker that has been outstanding. I’ll bring it fully charged and ready to play your song list or my own song list. It is bluetooth enabled so it can pair with your phone, tablet, etc.

It’s awesome and a bit cheaper than a live musician if you are on a budget.

(Beware: My idea of island wedding music includes Aerosmith and Bryan Adams with a little Bob Marley thrown in. So please bring your own playlist if you don’t have good taste in music. :))

e. Limousine Service
If you want to arrive to your beach wedding in style, or if you have a larger group, you might want to go with a limo.

There are also private taxi services if you want to provide your guests with transportation to and from the wedding.

Here are a couple of taxi services I found that should do the trick: 

Presidential Limo – (340) 473-6550

Big Love’s Taxi – (340) 201-7299

f. Hair & Makeup Services:
Hair and Makeup Services are available in your hotel room or villa. I work with several amazing stylists. Traditional hair styling and makeup is available on a cost per service basis. So you can have airbrush, eyelash application, tattoo cover up and other stuff too…I’m just not to familiar with the ins and outs of beauty services.

If you want a stylist to your hotel or villa, schedule the appointment for at least 2 hours prior to your pickup time.

I recommend Sugar & Spice Artistry – 340-776-5893 for a full-service salon on St. Thomas. 

If you’d like a stylist to come right to your room contact Julie – 340-643-4542 on St. Thomas. She does excellent work and has taken care of hundreds of my brides.

For St. John I would recommend Saphia for in-room service – 340-514-5372. There’s a salon in Cruz Bay – Grapevine – 340-513-7452.

Pick from my St. Thomas Wedding Packages and get down here!

To get started planning the perfect wedding in St. Thomas, please call 340-201-6069 or contact me today!