There are countless beaches and wedding venues to have your island ceremony.  Picturesque churches, secluded beaches and gorgeous villas abound in St. Thomas.  If you haven’t decided on a venue yet, take a look at a few of my favorite St. Thomas wedding locations.

If you want a beach ceremony I recommend either a morning or sunset ceremony.  The tropical St. Thomas sun can get a little hot during the day and also the beaches tend to get a little crowded between 11 am and 4 pm.

Choose Your St. Thomas Beach Wedding Venue

1. Magen’s Bay Beach – My Favorite Beach Wedding Location

Magen's Bay Beach is a perfect location for a beach wedding in St. ThomasNestled on the north side of St. Thomas, Magen’s Bay Beach boasts almost a mile of beautiful white sand.

Supposedly it was once ranked as one of National Geographic’s 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.  (While it may be true it was ranked that high once upon a time, I doubt it would make the list these days.)  But please, don’t doubt that Magens is a gorgeous and perfect place to have your wedding ceremony.




The water is usually like glass so the tiny waves rolling to shore are the perfect backdrop to your wedding.  It is often calm enough for the two of you to wade into the water and stand knee deep in the clear blue water while saying your vows. We usually head down to the far end where there are very few, if any, people.

If you have a morning ceremony, Magen’s Bay is the perfect beach to spend the day after your wedding.  There is a beach bar, gift shop and beach gear rental shack. There are also restrooms and changing rooms available if you need to freshen up before the ceremony or for changing into your bathing suits afterwards.

Sunset is another lovely time of day at Magens.  Most people have left the beach and the temperature has cooled.

Aside from the sand and sea, just off the beach is a coconut grove and a nature trail if you want to get some unique photographs.  It doesn’t always have to be about the beach!

There are plenty of taxis waiting to take you where ever you like after the wedding.  Whether you want a morning, afternoon or sunset wedding, my first recommendation to couples is Magen’s Bay Beach.

There is a $100 site fee charged by the local park system that maintains Magens.  There is also a $2/person entrance fee for guests.


2. Lindquist Beach (aka “Smith Bay Park”) – The Most Beautiful Beach on St. Thomas?

Lindquist Beach/Smith Bay Park is a gorgeous location for beach weddings in St. Thomas.For my money, the most beautiful beach on St. Thomas is Lindquist Beach.

Lindquist is less than half the size as Magen’s, but it is not wanting for super fine white sand and crystal clear water.  One of my favorite spots for ceremonies is on a tiny point on the far left side of the beach.

The views from Lindquist are spectacular.  Jost Van Dyke and Tortola of the British Virgin Islands as a backdrop for wedding photographs.

The water at Lindquist is a sparkling blue and often produces the best wedding photographs.

Lindquist Beach is a less traveled beach, but because it is small, sometime it can feel crowded with only a few people on the beach.

The downside to Lindquist is the lack of amenities.  There is a bathroom.  And that’s it.  So if you plan on spending the day at the beach after your wedding, bring food, water, towels, sunscreen, etc.

I recommend Lindquist Beach for morning and afternoon weddings.  There is no view of the sunset from this beach.


Oh, and one other thing…

…imagine riding onto the beach on a beautiful horse and dismounting right on the edge of the water where you say your vows.  Lindquist is also the only beach on St. Thomas where you can ride into your wedding on horseback!


3. Sapphire Beach & Pretty Klip Point

Sapphire Beach Jetty Wedding Location on St. Thomas, Virgin IslandsWhat can you I about Sapphire that I can’t say for most of the beaches on St. Thomas?

Not much.

It has beautiful, fine-grain sand, vibrant blue waters, and towering palms that sway in the breeze.

On the far left of the beach are picturesque sea grape trees where we can tuck away for a quiet ceremony.

I recommend having your wedding on the Pretty Klip Point.  This small strip of land reaches out into the ocean as your ceremony is now surrounded on three sides by clear water.  You can still take plenty of pictures on the beach which is only feet away from the point.

For everything you ever wanted to know about about Sapphire Beach, see Sapphire Beach Weddings in St. Thomas.


There are plenty of amenities at Sapphire Beach.  There are restrooms and changing facilities as well as a beach shack with food and equipment rental shop.  The snorkeling here is fantastic and you should consider spending the day here after you wedding.

4. Limetree Beach
– Story Book Sunsets

Limetree Beach sits on the south side of St. Thomas.  A convenient 5-6 minute drive from Marriott Frenchman’s Reef and Bolongo Beach Resort, Limetree faces westerly resulting in stunning sunsets.

Wyndham Bluebeard’s Beach Club, a tiny condo/timeshare resort  rests just off the beach.  But don’t worry, Limetree is one of the quieter beaches on St. Thomas.

On the far right side of the beach, a rocky reef emerges from the water and connects with a beautiful cliff face.  Some of the prettiest sunset weddings I’ve ever witnessed have happened on this lovely beach.

5. Brewers Bay
– This Is a Beach for Locals…Mainly

A pretty little beach on the western side of St. Thomas.  Often sparsely populated and always gorgeous, Brewers Bay is another lovely beach for a quiet and simple wedding.  Because the beach is a bit more remote, it is best for small weddings with only the basics like flowers, arches and aisles.

The best time for a wedding, to avoid the local crowds, is mornings!

An advantage of Brewers is that it is free and has gorgeous views of St. Thomas and Puerto Rico.


6. Getting Married at Your Resort

I work with every resort and management company on St. Thomas.  If you are staying at Sugar Bay, the Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton, or any other hotel or villa, simply request me as your officiant!

Or, if you want to have your wedding on the beach at your resort, just let me know and I’ll notify the resort.  All beaches are public on St. Thomas and we are permitted to have your wedding on any stretch of sand you like.

You don’t have to book your wedding with the resort!

A recent resort wedding at Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Resort at Morningstar Beach.

from Palm Wedding Films on Vimeo.

These are just a few of the beach locations for your St. Thomas wedding.  There are also private beaches, grand villas, historic churches and coconut groves where you can get married.

As your wedding officiant I will help you pick the location of your dreams here in St. Thomas!

7. St. John Beach Wedding Venues

I love performing weddings at secluded beaches and private villas in St. John.  If you are staying in St. Thomas, you might love a wedding day celebrated on St. John.  I can meet you there or help you arrange all the details.  If you are staying on St. John, I will meet you at any spot you like!

Most of the beaches on St. John are part of the National Park System.  I am licensed by the National Park Service to perform weddings on all their beaches.

Below is a video I took of a wedding at Maho Bay in St. John.


8. Water Island Beach Wedding Venues

Water Island is a small island just a short ferry ride from St. Thomas.

Honeymoon Beach on the island is a pretty little beach where numerous commercials and t.v. shows have been filmed.  The officiant in the below video performed a ceremony for an the TV program “Married at First Sight” on Water Island.  I must say, the officiant is devilishly handsome.  🙂



9. St. Thomas Villa Wedding Venues

Scattered across the island of St. Thomas are world-class villas that can host your destination wedding.  The vacation villas are available for both event rentals but also vacation rentals for you, your family and your closest friends.

I can’t list them all here, but there is a great resource for all the villas and churches in St. Thomas – check out Blue Venues.

Villas offer a level of comfort, luxury and beauty that no reception hall can match.  The Wedding House is one such wedding venue.  The Wedding House hosts weddings but also boasts 7 rooms that can sleep up to 18 guests.  This private, gated estate has a private infinity pool and a small beach!

Wedding Villa Venue on St. Thomas

As you can now see, the hardest part about having a destination wedding is picking a beach or wedding venue to get married!

When you need a little help, shoot me an email.